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Yeah you rap about the chains and loot, the game and crooks
Spreading word about Dolce&Gabbana
Get those kids by rhyming bout marijuana
Talk about money, big talk hero 6
Fat stacks Jenga pyramind
You sold for dough and forgot the heart
Hip hop’s a golden memory eons apart
Mcs front alot
Front shows and back deals
Blow up show up for someone elses pot
New digs and wheels while your owner steals
Working ant of the industry you robbed by hooks
Oh captain my captain the girls sell looks
Hip hop parade with the femme mcs
Superior superficial highlighting bodies
TnA story
Rappers so boring
Cash money and hoes
Virtual reality scoring
It’s all a game
It’s all a show
If the price is right
Jeopardy of the flow
Family feud with beefs and hostility
Mass market machine grinding up the ability
I dunno if ya feelin me
But all I say is where is the reality
Conscious rap never makin the charts
Rap with heart you’ll never be a star
Some make it up but second tier celebrity
Big bucks for big snooks
Cowards losing temerity
Too afraid to be
Waitin for the key
To big mansions and show sells
Prince of Bel Air financials
Mc murder flocking round Kos
Bruce Lee the industry
Fighting the big boss