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Kazakhstan is the new Ukraine. With a large Russian population they are ripe for sectarian violence and oppositional attitudes. Within the next decade there could be disillusionment with the reigning government and a rosy-eyed view of pro-Russian merging. It seems there is a strategic envelopment plan going on with the bordered countries that aren’t panning out but there is support for Russian intervention that isn’t American borne.

Whether there is this notion of destabilizing different regions to weaken military and/or cultural resistance or test the limits of Russia’s power is up in the air. All major player countries are vying for power grabs and look to neighbors for domination or at the very least economic control via upper hand in trade and commerce. America, Russia, China, they all try to gather supplicant nations to enhance their power, authority, political pull. Russia is just the highlight now by western media and politicians but the pattern is there repeating itself. Foreign powers exerting force for trick or treat ends.

Humans are going to waste precious time fighting holy wars and battles of ideology to prove which culture is superior. The domination of particular value systems; social theory Risk games. Throwing money at endless campaigns and clashes while ignoring social ills and failed policy rewrapped and reinserted. Economists, Fundamentalists, war profiteers, the chain of advantage is choking the people while the hands of the elite gain wealth.

We get full scale disputes with obstinate leaders bickering over secrets and ceasefires. Shady men replete with self-importance deciding the fate of people’s lives “over there.” We forever get the shock and awe treatment, pilfering other countries and then setting up a new enemy; boogeymen and evildoers. We call all this modernization and progress yet we stick to the same old habits and cling to old resource-driven lifestyles. Moneymaking is a wonderful thing.

The world is trapped between the poles of extremism and political resistance. Both seem to be deserving of brutal policing and authoritarianism, attacks on all sides; cannons to the left of them. Social upheaval is a fool’s paradise lost, swayed by the caprice of the majority. The proles are slowly sifting through the sands of time to reach the understanding of our social dysfunction. Our systems, our laws, are decaying like the Coliseum, this patchwork is proving useless. We don’t need paint jobs we need representation of the needs of the many. Logically possible.

We’re stuck in this setup of us vs. them. The “Other” that keeps floating about infecting new minds. This diluted nationalism that’s thrown into the feed bag. We’re off to the races working for someone else’s goals. Corporate military political jockeys whipping up a storm inside the military-industrial complex. Wars at home, wars overseas. Just a lot of fire ants defending the hill…