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Bibi baby back running right wing
Palestinian poor boy boxing shadows
Terror America gushing oil and sectarianism
West worlds claiming environmentalism, greenwashing
Talk of goals pushing back the levels
1999, 2005, 2008 now
Toxic emissions getting updates and renewals
Play it safe corporatism
Billionaires funding commercialism
Tar sands and drill fields fanaticism
Huckster Gates Foundation playing both sides
Altruism venture capitalism
People chocking on poison society
Acid rain clouds over altered state reality
High life Wi-Fi blanketing modern cities
Buzzing brains and frequencies hot spot normalities
Fast times fast food dotting every country
Malnutrition and obesity overseas
Bulimia anorexia homeward schism
Young girls media brainwashed
Blogs tell tiny tips for weight loss
Body dysmorphia
Pain self-infliction
Torture culture and suicides
Brownies seeking white skin and blue eyes
Judge yourself hate yourself
Never accept yourself
Better clothes plastic surgery
Self-conscious usury
Age of the anti
Antiterrorism anti-net neutrality
Bills and legislation making subprime news
People spreading word but not knowing what to do
Stop the giants with pebbles in hand
Oligopolies, monopolies, competition demand
Have it your way fantasy
Consumer King fallacy
Rage in a cage looking for the teat
Everyone wants your dollar, pandering on money street
Renewables, consumables, upvoted by you and me