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All those bright shining faces, the glittering eyes dazzle fantastic me. Good mood positivity running ramble into my negative cloud. Hop on board their wagon for a song then give em the boot, rather, I shut down, walk away, stiff rebuttals with the old man inna young man. Those happy faces, I brought that out. Then turn turn away tourniquet dresden dolls, fire escape. Missed opportunities collecting away. See the bright eyes waiting, curtsying princesses asking for action, so much for modern world. Can’t I be inhibited? Doesn’t my shy side get recognition and passes? Love rollercoaster ride or die choices. Time to bench it, sitting out the amore dances, grim fandango tango. Salsa ulcer turning sick licks myxlplyx.

Hounds of memory bark at night. As l lay as I slumber, underneath the silvery curtains of forgotten come hithers. Sultry brunettes, wild redheads, next door blondes and bright blue coquettes. Fantasy has turned its head peering into wishful thinking. Baby boy blues wrapped and rapt, silky head nestling mother wolf in harvest moon. Beauty divine, cellar door visuals open up neverending worlds dappling the curious case mental case. I step out on green bay verandas to sup with potters and layabouts. Brushing cheek to cheek with lollygagging golliwogs blushing heart kisses. Bang bang, Sinatra down.

I’ve sensed you once before. A mystical dream birthed from forlorn. Naked goddess tanned, running away and whispering come quickly. She embodies secrets, asks me to find her. I awake with the strangeness of unknown missions. This is the soul mate I must search for? RPG quest rife with monsters unseen, hurdles of adulthood scattered on mylar sheets buttered up. Gleaming white speckled cutouts dotting the open plains mingling with the technicolor green that bursts out of the scenery. Flanders fields, jungle book, dork forest we go into the wild.

And you open the door, balls of light clubbed to death. I’m ravin I’m ravin, high school musica full blown in ma ears. Damaged hearing, tinnitus, bad eyes finding a friend. Trolling down the geriatric road, Haagen Daas rock and roll. Chuck bury me in chocula coffin, alive, scraping and clawing bloody stumps at mahogany lid. Kill Bill thrills and lactose chills. GSW exit wounds leaking red dead matter on lily white snow. Snow white quite contrary, quite ordinary, quiet Mary. 

Silly sleeping pills make easy death kills. Corded hanging sights unseemly. Slitted throats halal ceremony. Blood bath, razor blades, suicide girls posing pretty for me, writing poetry, death wish free. Confession time, I aim to croak, lithy toads and sprocket space. Let me James Dean it. Motorcycle maniac spinning 20s on ring of fire. Round Robin red rover rally really. It has become so silly. Dreams and fantasy, magic mystery, practical murder, whodunnit witchery.