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Is it not true that perversions have their root in so called naturally occurring desires and sexuality? Someone with an ass fetish invariably had the natural attraction to a woman’s backside. A fetish for wanting to be an infant or dressing up as a baby has roots in our desire to be taken care of and consoled by someone else in a harsh world. So when you say homosexuality is a perversion, what you are saying is heterosexuals have a nascent desire for the same sex or same sex relations. The roots of the perversion are inherent in all people and the purely hetero existence is a rejection or abnegation of that naturally occurring desire and want. As the hetero culture cannot come to terms with a broad, multifaceted sexuality, it negates a prime directive of the human condition: to satisfy a complex desire system. It is a negation of true identity, a negation of the evolution of the sexual self. Being straight is only one part of the polygon.