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Spies spies every way spies.
Watching watching you and me.
Reality of modernity.
AOL, Comcast, records for display.
Agencies and men of G’s tappa tapping in.
Ping your IP, track the ID.
DNS checks and TV hearing me.
Super official superfish.
Space full of listening dish.
NSA, CIA, CSIS pieces, can’t get away.
National security the narrative.
Terrorism declarative.
Citizenfour imperative.
Leaks and whistleblower protection.
Big Brother lethal injection.
Freedom rains on drought days.
Currents on metadata bays.
Liberty and privacy situation dire.
Lied to and drained by anemic vampires.
Slayers weak from litigation.
Bureaucratic popcorn nation.
Watch the show, sign petition.
One and all free admission.
Runaway power play.
Double hat trick, moral gray.
Journalists with muzzled mouths.
Every bit within the Cloud.
Corporate news buy the competition.
Multinationals make decision.
All the news that’s fit to print.
Lobbied interest money spent. 
Corruption stains on white collar.
Treason season, almighty dollar.
I spy spyware.
All lives laid bare.
Secret service extensions.
Plugged bugged nations.
Defense the defense.
Brainwash the common sense.
Indoctrinate the patients.
Pass more deregulation.
Executive powers, Bush doctrine.
Pen the CCTV civilization.
Cameras, watchdogs, oversight.
They can hear me sleep at night.
Paranoid para state.
Paratrooper police state.
Last bang as empire falls.
Which one’s the fly on the wall.