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He takes pitter patter steps a long way.
March of dimes foot soldier.
Bronze medals on ceremonial vests.
Salute for father’s pride.
Leader of a solo journey.
Sojourn and sunburned.
Calls himself redneck.
Son of the soil respect.
Sensitive mate solid bro.
Can’t call himself artist.
Afraid of femme side as he exudes it.
Poster boy for bygone eras.
Pinned up painter.
Huckleberry jokester.
Family values vagabond settling nowhere.
Gamblin man travelin man.
Turned stones and desert walks.
Thinks himself Morrison just waiting for pretty corpse.
Chugalug friend getting drunk for numbness.
Partytime pup feeling ageless.
Leaves alone he needs a woman.
Stubborn ox bucking any partner.
A little backwards but I call him friend.
Soon he’ll be a man to defend.