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Addiction robbed me of my stamina
Diminished lung missing air
Oxygen brevity
Puffs and swirls dancing fantastic in me
Furtive carcinogens latching deep within
I smoked those cartons savouring the hot vapours
Deep inhales to blight spite my insides
Burn baby burn
Metabolic alcoholic
Joker smoker daily toker
Addictive self-inflictive
Courting death in slow embraces
Sicken myself for sick pithy pity
Chasing rock bottom with tequila sunrise
Shots shots inebriation part deux
Scrapes and aches dulled to soft hue
Sleep, forget, amnesia supplement
Defensive offensive pricky prig pig
Collecting scorn and hate
Bottle up troubles imbibing last regrets
Spritely faeries of drowsy arousal awakening
Dewy eyes touched by Puck
Fairy king ferries me
I am the fairy king
Weak ankles and fruity mannerisms
Feminine masculine all mottled melded up
Two sides calling each other between the chasm
Insane in the membrane pulling hair mentally
Trichotillomania delusion obscura
Pick a side pick a gender
No room for double duets
Frailty, tired, drained from the sex game
Who me?
Feel me, thrill me, kille me
Rape fantasies and downtrodden luxuries
First world problems, mental aberrations
Psychosomatic addict chasing the dragon
Hypochondria mamma mia
Abba zabba persona
Lost little geodude
Defence curl protect the heart
The hideous heart, pounding thumper speed
Jacked jackrabbit jazzy playing the habit
Addiction confliction never done with you
Drown in absolut, burning forsooth
Eating all the guilt and pain
Puking all the poison
Down the spiral down the hole
Mad as hatters, bad that matters
Raving like the 90s kids
Lunatic within the fringe
Bold and broken lover boy
Queen resides within
Loose the fear lose the fear
Be myself again