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Muckrakers, heartbreakers, kiddie takers, paper chasers.
Focus on the positive, Clooney in on the it’s all right vibe, dig.
Scummy worms parasitic lifestyles making bucks off back.
Green green world full of Oscars not Kermits.
Punk bitch princesses looking Vidal Sassoon fetching.
ProAna girlie twirls wretching hazed guts for twisty approval.
Body dismorphia, disturbia, tight tight skin hugging the lovely bones.
Victorian death chic coming back on the rack.
Clockwork orange youth getting penchant for the viles, ultraviolence.
No tests, protests, movement take mature form and brushes with vested interests.
Meetings greetings stuff your face feedings.
Noxious officious prigs delegating and waving for the camera.
G20 bullshit pushing up daisies on promises land.
Pricey bland suit on bad haircuts with family in tow.
Family values, anti-terror, economy phenom blaring eardrums.
Choose choose, pick the better dunce with lined pockets.
Oh elections confections, so much freedom, we got the voice, the beat, but where’s the music.

Funny Freudian slips on grandma’s tits, I mean lips. Tits!
Horny culture feeling bad for itself.
Sex a fine thing but the depths it does take.
Unhealthy diversions creeping to the steady state.
Logic drives full of automatic pornomatic.
Cuckolds and fuck holes springing into search engines.
Bing me up a duckduckgo.
They accept the breasteses but never the fetishists.
S&M on display for violent culture depravity.
Stereotype the pain lovers for your morbid fascination.
Knock on our doorbells to rob our homes.
Private culture taken mainstream for the misinterpret.
Pop eating itself but the culture does too.
Gorging on meta and stalker infotainment.
Criticism no witticism everything said before.
Meme generated and cliche immediately.
We say be different, be you, then we must join the fray.
Be a part of something bigger as they say.
High school never ends, all mentions and trends.
Gossip trollops do offend.
Circus media tricks the treats.