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Trying to find heaven at the edge of a needle. Score euphoria and beat back the devils. Liquid manna to see no evil, bargain basement escapism. Leave the shattered self, leave the broken mirrors. Oozing bruising skin full of hole pleasures. Mother dominatrix, father with a complex, broken home broken heart, idle teen overdose. See the other side and come back swinging. Lapse collapse and stick it in again. Relationship mismanage self property damage, wasting away, emaciation to miscarriage. Fucked up knocked up drugged up plugged up. Life weary, sliced up, pool of filth, gambler’s luck. Drowning in Reservations, broken treaty broken patience. Forgotten ways dead traditions, bleed out full contrition. School days drills and frills, urges come take the pills.  Swallow hard painful memories, busted brains for gainful employment. Parted rage, minimum wage, freedom cage, live with Aids. Alley drugs catch up quick, deadly past with all those hits. Safer with the bong and blunts. Safe from harm but not the darkness. Shadows from the life before this.