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All this so called equality and acceptance drowning and diluting society these days. Everyone’s special, everyone needs to be treated a certain way. Not that people should be harassed or nothing but back in my day there was some shame and humility, now people are so proud of their sinful ways and debaucherous dilettantism they flaunt it so as the zeitgeist retches up half a lung.

Gay-friendly media highlighting queers and fancy men glittering fantastic on the big screen. Who needs to see these backdoor lovers? What do we god-fearing citizens need to give them equal representation for, so that they can teach our kids to be sissies and homo thugs hugging each other and talking about free love and peace. Peace gives us nothing but art. It isn’t safe to watch TV or go to the movies, the paper is full of freaks parading themselves demanding rights. Rights! These Sodomites and puffed up minorities don’t know their place. These Oliver Twists keep begging for more and our weak society is giving in each year. I say no parley for them.

And this bullying oh they abused me tripe. I was beaten black, blue, and brand spanking new colours growing up. You think I got love?! That I was cherished as a son should be, that a child needs a good home full of love and kindness? Well the world ain’t kind and society needs to kick these sensitive fops in the ass. I didn’t get no pat on the back and neither should they, I learned to be a real man, suck it up and take what you can while the getting’s good. I don’t need handouts like these welfare grunts, sipping daiquiris on my dime, complaining about mental disorders and diminished capabilities. Pah! i slogged and fought bitter years in the army to be where I am today and the compensation I received was earned. I built my company from the ground up and all I had was some inheritance and subsidies from the government and a few tax breaks, little donations from friends, but I made it what it is. I am the True North and all these wimps are pilfering from my pockets with their food stamps and abortion clinics.

We’re giving too much to all these sick individuals. What do we normal people get? Yeah, we get tax breaks, no discrimination, marriage rights, safety and security, benefits, majority say politically and socially, but what else? Our rights and freedoms are being snatched from us by all these upstarts and their calls for equality. They want to tell us how to talk, where our money should go, how we raise our kids. My kids are gonna be raised how I was. I didn’t even want kids but it’s my duty to bring more respectable people into this world. Not more freaks showboating their sexuality and weird behaviour. If I hafta hide my desires and predilections they hafta too. Maybe I want a man to hold me and love me, maybe I want passionate sex and a man inside me. I don’t go around preaching homo love and showing my ass to men, I don’t give in to temptations and lust. God gave these desires and thoughts to me and I live with them and fight them daily. That’s the way it should be! What’s the good in being yourself and being happy huh?! What happened to morality? I don’t do what I want to do, I don’t live my life the way I want. That need pesters me and I push it down for the good of the country. That’s the way to live… isn’t it? Oh god! What am I saying? who’s saying this? I’m just like them, I am them… I am?