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The world is a fire stoked by the corps.
Playing a Shell game and choking on Koch.
Corrupted lawmen and legislators infinitely.
Freedom fighters locked up indefinitely.
Journalists kidnapped and killed for glee.
Mass shootings springing killing spree.
Glorified guns and vigilante pride.
Hyper sniper and Grey depravity.
Pump up abuse and rape culture reality.
Pump up the violence, phallic by gun.
Cocking glocks and shrapnel shell shock.
Pipelines passing with no end in sight.
XL burgeoning in the small world after all.
Bouts with droughts and concentration farms.
Animal prisons blowing up the murder rate.
Too many burdens diet just priority.
Wait a few more decades for better humanity.
Dead Muslims just a stroke on the record.
White killers get off in the buzz absurd.
Homophobia, Islamaphobia, every phobia reaching the surface.
Melting pot cracking and we suffer the flame.
All these crimes supposedly in god’s name.
All these lies told to curb and tame.
Rile em up and pacify.
Scaremongering and pharmaceutical soup kitchens.
Chill pills and xenophobic thrills.
Pitted against each other in the hellfires.
Heat up beat up feed us bs of the liars.
Union woes and education cuts stock up.
Better culling for the ruling class.
Competition condition, failed statism.
Salute the flag, hail the gun.
Beat the evil, don’t mind the sun.
Viruses out of whack, vaccines pushed back.
Sitting pretty waiting for plague and small pox.
Reburn, return, everything is hard to discern.