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Dancing with circled suns transpiring revolutions that rival Che’s illusions. Yeah I figure the pipe dream may bear fruit in a better tomorrow as Mr. Hawk does 900’s in the parking lot.

Slippery slick fish sticks poking through the sea highlighting the waves and revealing overfishing and underpopulations. Polluted waters siphon breathing space of maudlin marine creatures gasping for last breaths.

Lumps of coal attain and maintain more value than the poor and indigenous in a greenback world. Flaring fires stoke the funeral pyres of the misremembered. Death a cold dish so nuke it.

As the world turns into an ever-expanding tumor of gross importance we delve deeper into the fact-finding mission of the ages. Moon rocks and martian blocks blocking the horizon of this new dawn of the apeman. Space age technology for primordial suckers.

Multinationals with a voice leeching energon from slowly siphoned bodies racking up the body count. Black skies and obsidian futures darken the dreams of the innocent youth coerced to accomplices. Motherfuckers better realize.

Sympathetic ears languishing in art while the calamities accumulate and the message distorts. Misinformation media multiplying in an exponential reverie towards a twilight of the gods. Dangling shiny keys to ADHD babes.

Rhetoric flirts with promises into a coitus of world leadership. Giving birth to false messiahs eager for the maladaptive policies of the new world order. Tasty morsels for hired commenters seeking prepress redress for adbucks.

Simpering fools duel fallen angels. Pandemics unleashing lying fears brushing xenophobic pastorals in a brave new world. Diseases take the title of top of the food chain for the final flash.