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How can god not be laughing at us? He must have a sense of humour; a twisted one at that. Look at all the things in our world and tell me it isn’t a riot as seen from an outsider perspective. If there is a god this is quite the show. Dawkins calls it the greatest show on Earth and I wholeheartedly agree. This trifling, beseeching, maniacal mess of humanity is so dire it’s silly, so serious it’s funny. Drama, trauma, karmacoma, it tickles the giggles out of the outer observer.

Where else do you see criminals of all stripes, rapists, pedophiles, thieves, adulterers, murderers in all degrees, setting forth legislation to control our lives and tell us what to do, how to behave, tell us to obey the law and rules? The ironing is delicious. We have unwittingly elected representatives that do not represent us nor follow the code of man; they appoint judges who bend the rules and the law by prejudice not concerted thoughtfulness. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction, everything is opposite, topsy turvy, banana mush for lost babes. And the good die young as they say, and assholes live forever. We seem to want to keep the bad element around, or are we so fooled by them? I don’t believe so but it keeps happening. Hypocrites keep popping up year after year and it just smacks of the ludicrous. The tragically ludicrous, the ludicrously tragic. If god were one of us he’d be the drunken hobo guffawing at all of us.

And what do we do with the good? We lambast them for it, we mock the naivety of kind souls. The ones who tell us the truth, they just get wiped out. Lenny Bruce was vilified and hunted, John Lennon was loved but struck down by the foolish, Bill Hicks was robbed of life too early, Gandhi, just taken before more change could happen. It’s like we get a snippet of what could be and then poof, we get smacked in the head; silly human, you can’t have that! I feel like we as a species are just waiting for more crucifixions and we must destroy that which is good. We can’t handle Heaven on Earth, we aren’t ready and we wouldn’t know what to do with it. We’d be lazing around a quiet stream of cheer and goodwill tapping our feet at the beat of complacency only to wish for drama, excitement of the bad kind, the pain and suffering we’ve come to expect. “What’s with all the bread and fish? This is too much! What’s wrong with you?!”

But here’s the real joke. If the truth ever was or will be found out, it will die within an unknown soul never to be shared. Some person alone with his or her thoughts will die with this secret on their lips blushing at the lunacy of it all. The answer slumbers and we just keep inventing questions, filling our days with excess. The humour is a subtle wave vibrating through all of us, we are near and far away from the truth, the goal, the meaning of all of it. We would look down and laugh at ourselves, we would howl at the joke of mankind. Forever and forever the story plays out. New actors, different lines, same cosmic punchline. We have those that provoke, question, observe the spectacle of us, but we soon move on from the philosophy microscope busying ourselves with the mundanity of the present. Capitalism, socialism, whatever “ism” happens to rule our lives and minds takes the front and ushers us into this same folly; doomed to repeat mistakes and be the existential clown. But what would it be like to stay within the higher self? What fun is there in truth and enlightenment?

We have come to such a point (what with all the meta metaness, breaking fourth walls, pop eating itself) where society is the Nokia snake just getting bigger and bigger and looping around itself. All that is new and strange becomes the norm, more is added every second, the bizarre and ridiculous is our meat and potatoes. Dinner is always up and we can’t get enough. Sensationalism is home and we like it that way, we crave this new addiction, which isn’t really new now that I think about it. We are gossip, we are shock and awe, we are judgers and ridiculers who point fingers every which way; fingers from us, fingers at us, judging judgement and mocking mockery. It’s all turned inside out and shoved up its own ass, gestating in its own rebirth. What is left? What brave new horizons shine out before us?

And how are we not to laugh at all of this? To the thinking man this life is irrational and sense is out the window. We must laugh at this fate we find ourselves in. All the horror and ills is just a giant unending comedy, the trifling travails of the humiliated but ego-driven species. We think so highly of ourselves but we are the joke, the fact of our existence is the essence of the humour. The sins of man, the folly, the vice, the charade of our reality, is just a backdrop for theatre. We are entertaining. Life is a purposeful foolishness and it’s best if you enjoy it now. The sage advice of laugh with the world rings true, we need to be the glad fool and not feel bad about it. It’s just a ride folks.