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What is this life but not understanding? Love and understanding we cherish the most, the most important of our features. Understanding is the pinnacle of human experience, it gives us onto a world separate from ourselves and the minor perspective we view things from. It is that tingling sensation from awareness, love, spiritual enlightenment. That “holy feeling” believers get with the Word or unity with god. To them it is a higher state and with that state comes consciousness, comes a knowing beyond rational knowing. Not that anyone is more right than others but the altered self, the reflective self, is paramount.

And this is where religion and science flow into one another. Religion gives us a vision of an immaterial, metaphysical existence. Science gives us the tools to reveal the majesty of creation, life, the world, the universe. If you were a god would you not want your creation to understand all that is and marvel in awe at how cool it all is? If not to understand then what? This purpose we humans have been seeking and fighting over is just that, to get it all, to know. I don’t think it is linear or in one set, no belief system is right on the money. It has to be all-encompassing and most likely is beyond our limited experience, past the threshold of the human struggle, a WWE ladder match with a short prop.

A goal to understand it all is more virtuous than what we present here today. It will take too long for a time when there is no strife, no fighting between the believers and the skeptics. What we should attain is a convergence of thoughts, concepts, ideologies, that shed light on the aspects of life and reflect the glow of conscious understanding, whatever that may mean.