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Traveling on a serpent through fire and brimstone hell.
I descend from the sky on matted matter bringing me to a mental state of infinity.
Won’t you test my divinity?
Sibilant jeers from jealousy’s tired cousin.
Desire. The wanting of want that plagues the minds of most men.
Mice in rat races we pine for the cage.

I take on a transformation of diminishing returns.
Give me a penny and ask for your thoughts.
My soul is your soul.
My eyes reflect the circumstances of your birth.
Native son is a distant memory begging recalls.
We remember the lie and forget the truth.
Looking back at the hollow refrain of the lost voice.
Asked to speak with crowded microphones.
Who has the rock?
What do you have to say?

I am Kali the destroyer.
The messenger of a damned culture.
Culture of the damned.
Vultures circling heads of state’s estate.
Pass the preacher with the silent mouth.
Looking for answers and there are none.
Every soul a prodigal son.
Holy books the same story with different symbols.
Take a page and treat me as scripted.
Scrolls more important than people.