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Sister chatty Kathy is a lil naughty natty.
Confusing little temptress she just has to drive you batty.
Big brother chupa just wants to get to know ya.
Sticks his little piggy in and hikes the skirt uppa.
Can’t control himself just a dirty soldier.
This his rifle this his gun he’s gonna super trooper.
He pulls her hair and chokes her while he’s makin’.
She’s muffled rough and feels ill and forsaken.
She writhes in shame and twisted pain.
She has even forgot her name.
Convulsing and contracting in epileptic fashion.
She drifts along the empty streets looking for an abortion.
She punches gut and tears herself up to leave no traces behind.
Big brother left with cherry theft and was defended by his kind.
The Boys Club claims another schlub with nowhere to go.
Disowned by her family she quickly decides to go pro.
Casting couches and alley romps the only life she knows.

She’s grown a bit and learned her slice.
She may not have gold but she sparkles nice.
Training little ones that lost their homes.
She’s mother hen to orphan poems.
Damaged but beautiful in their way.
Shining lights albeit stray.
They’ve made a family and smother with love.
No more abuse for a one winged dove.
She sings so sweetly she forgets the sorrow.
She’s beaten the past and tomorrow.