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Ah, you say we should listen to you, give in to your mentally ill demands and political dumbfuckery. Your misguided, misappropriated, maligning interpretation of Islam. You’re not even stuck in the 7th century, you worthless dregs are extrapolating a delusional nugget from the roughs of the Mohammedan faith to justify your gross and corrupted ideology; spin masters of the wheel of suffering. All your actions are base and vile, you are diametrically opposed to every sane, civilized, and respectful Muslim in our modern world. You take the lord’s name in vain and desecrate the idea of a just and loving god; you delve deeper into a pit of your own hateful bile, the vitriol of a cursed tongue, the morals of a decrepit fallen one. Every idea and act of “faith” of yours is wrong to the core and typifies the cosmic injustice and unfathomably sinful engagements you call political will, jihad, retribution.

Conversion by inversion? Islam by the sword? Peace through War Ingsoc? This world isn’t for your kind yet your ilk is forever burdening us with your malicious, venomous presence. Every time we get something could going (by our hard work and progressive inching towards a skewed utopia) your kind comes and distorts every good idea, every principle we hold dear, every sacrament to be bestowed on our societies. We are all cut from the same cloth, covered by the same sheet and you wipe yourselves with it. The projectile slurs of “shame” were heaped on the CEOs and fraudsters in recent years but you filthy miscreants are completely due that curse, let us drape it on your hanging corpses (yes, we will bring back crucifixion for your heinous crimes). Truly you deserve something beyond our imagination, not torture but a new fresh hell, a punishment of supreme justice to make up for your atrocities.

All those innocent people dead and tossed aside like rubbish. Every nascent youth taken by foul hands spewing bullshit and false verses. You are not holy men. You are indecent human beings in an already indecent world. You seem to be wasting passion on a evil pastime that affords you no excuses or forgiveness. The wretched of the Earth are children breaking blocks and saying “see, look what I did Mommy.” We are not impressed, we are not in fear over your demonstrations, we do not suffer fools gladly. You are fighting a losing battle. Nothing will ever come of your deeds and aspirations except a ridiculous dark chapter in the history books. No one will be on your side in the future, you will not bring the blackened kingdom of heaven to Earth. You have tainted and vilified, tried to associate yourselves with respectable devotees when you do nothing but temper the shield of hate and corrupt a religion. Fuck the extremists and fuck Boko Haram!