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The common, the mass, the rubble of the foundation. There are so many that try as they might to separate and distinguish themselves from the “commons.” Plato talked about those who are materialists and those who believed in a transient life which would end at the beginning of a more fulfilling afterlife, the true Form of things, the beauty behind the beauty. Then there are those who feel some semblance of superiority over others from the fact that they got to something first, they were aware of a new band or theory or whatever before it became “mainstream,” popular, the worst thing imaginable is to be unspectacular. Being ahead of others, such as in technological gizmotry and draping yourself in gadgets, is the sign of rising above the mediocrity. I have this, I knew this, I was this, before all these so called posers and hangers on, as if being a primary candidate signified anything about your attributes.

Being open-minded and trying new things is a virtue to me but these folks get carried away all to easily and relish in their greater than state. They fetishize this concept of newness and being above the masses and seeing what others do not. Obsessing over being beyond others, being enlightened, diverting from the sheeple as it were. They feel more, live more, understand more, appreciate more. Like that idea of higher forms of pleasure and entertainment some smart idiot espoused many a moon ago. The common or base desires are to be looked down upon. I’m sorry, I love intellectual conversation and thought-provoking media but I also wouldn’t turn down a cheeseburger and a blowjob. The symphony is fantastic but so is Metallica and Mario. Though I do resent people being subjected to mass culture and media and pointless information without wanting it. There may be many Beliebers but I don’t have to hear about that world; I can respect someone else’s taste without the unpleasant experience.

Many call it hipster now, pretension, bourgeois, any name is the same matter making the whole. This fetish of failing the fodder, appreciating the abstract, it stays with us throughout the generations, as if burned into our genetic code to annoy a new populace. Are you better because of what you think? what tastes you have? your independent streak? A separate self is a fine self, just keep it in perspective. We are all similar brains with differing connections; your nodes link up with certain hubs and others are different, the majority huddles up and overloads a main point while the rest sample the esoteric. Common interest does not connote compound losses. Inflation has purpose yet.

How will we break the cycle one wonders. Is it even worthy to try while other serious matters are going on? Africa is a swing state bearing the weight of corruption and militarism. Europe is paddling with temporary floaters trying to groupthink an economic recovery and homeostasis. North America is laying the bricks of the military-industrial complex and reeking of oil money and climate change nonchalance. Is it any wonder people cling to superfluous matters and revel in the humdrummery of sight beyond sight? The populace is drowning out the negative to prop themselves up on higher status and admonitions. Hungering for subculture, counter culture, all outsider culture that soon becomes culture, soon becomes profitable, marketable, insider grouping shoring up numbers to pit against the “other.” The same twist and turns of a traumady ballet that is the human spectacle. And those who point it out, are they any better? Are we not another cog in the machine searching for the ghost but finding a dwindling spirit? We raise ourselves to judges and objective analysts but we are just more equal tos playing greater thans. Nulls in the void pronouncing disunity.

Why can’t we be friends?