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Mr. Tuffles the spryly cat.
Long in tooth and merry ways.
Dashing with his mince meat hat.
Watch the girls as his tail sways.

Meows and purrs of dulcet tones.
Capper caper on he goes.
Swooning felines exhaling moans.
Runway star he strikes a pose.

Fidelty a felony, this cat is a feline free.
Romping through the single streets.
Feeling frisky, copulation spree.
Now little babes asking for treats.

Dapper Dan little miscreant.
Holds his paw and bows to grace.
Sneaky Pete he does repent.
Sets his jaw to save face.

Papa of the neighborhood.
Swaggering along his route.
Sampling what is fine and good.
Robin Hood he gets his loot.

Black as night, firm and thin.
Lithe body to burgle men.
If he gets caught he’ll jump his skin.
Little rogue he always breaks even.

If you call upon him you may soon regret.
Watch all your home and hearth.
He’ll seduce your pretty pet.
And take all your worth.