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Opinionated? Because I care about a multitude of things and have empathy and justified anger about all the plights,.blights and fights of the world?

Hipster? Because I’m on a path of exploration and I haven’t decided on the expression of myself? Because I tire of the same sameness and being bombarded by the popular and mainstream that others like, without consent?

Sensitive? Because I take things to heart and still give a damn about the things in this world, about truth and honesty in this deceitful universe?

Weird? Because I walk my own line and have my own method? I function on as different wavelength and my thinking is reflected in unusual behavior patterns?

Holier than thou? Because I still believe in an overall right and wrong? Because I choose not to live my life by lesser standards and principles?

Narcissistic? For I have inverted my self-hate to a level where I can live with myself? Because I believe my honed and methodically sculpted views are wider and more encompassing than your backwards beliefs.

Immoral? Because I choose not to believe in as God that doesn’t care? Because I dash away traditions and rituals that serve to make the petty and judgmental feel superior?

Nerdy? For I delve into subjects with vigor and passion and have a desire for knowledge and wisdom?

Verbose? Because I have more thoughts that cannot be encapsulated in pithy sentences and tweets? For I wish to express everything within me so I feel that I have not wasted a breath?

I accept you, how about the same treatment.