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I’ve heard I’m easygoing but I’m all a tither and distressed.
Anxiety be flowing and the plaintiff needs his rest.
In leaps and bounds, in spite of it all.
I’m rather humbled by the complimentary gall.
They spread nice words upon my buttered bread.
I chide myself so it doesn’t go to my head.
Ballooning ego, tender heart muscle.
I thought myself android but the emotions doth rustle

Electric sheep go a hopping.
Manic moths go a flapping.
Leaking secrets and silly worries.
I sit and ponder life’s queries.
Queer and fun like a puzzle.
Brash and brave I take off the muzzle.
Speak my mind sing my heart.
Sincerity is my growing art.
Spouting remarks, collecting smiles.
Mending bridges, connecting profiles.