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Duhh. I so sorry for the leaking.
As you sleep I am creeping.
Down the hall and into bedroom.
Hear you breathing in inner sanctum.
Smelling skin and licking flesh.
Salty treats you smell so fresh.
Open jaws and I am drooling.
Tear away face no weeping.
Chomp on fingers, sinew, bones.
Suck up bloody tips and toes.
Little piggy suckling sweet.
Licking lips at tasty meat.
Strip the body of the skin.
Long bits for din din.
Wrapped around my claws and stumps.
Sticky taffy, fatty rumps.
Done with girly time for mommy.
Curly-headed english frumpy.
Claws split the gut open.
Slurp up organs.
Twist the knife.
Flail my engorged tongue up and down the flesh.
Cries and screams pierce the room.
They droop to bloody gurgles as she chokes upon the red spittle.
Rip off those eyes and ears, senseless to the slaughter.
Laying siege and pipe as the mouth ekes out horror.
Whimpering sow.
Shivering on top of her flabby corpus.
Jigging the cock over her.
Howling through the teeth.
Feasting through the night.
Such a troubling fright.