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Scissors in the silk-wrapped nest not covering all. She twists her back and kisses my neck and lightly plays a song in my ear with that little tongue of hers. Nibbles course through my skin and raise the hairs, coitus epidermis. I nestle into her, seeking soothing friction. My lipstick imprints on her naked lips, greyish purple strokes painting the scenery of our embrace. I ask for more, more of her than anyone else has had, more of the body,mind, soul anything I can clutch with my hands and skin. It all rushes in and I can’t sort through what any of it is, just passion, senseless senseful passion and lust quivering in anticipation. She wraps her legs around me grinding her hips into me, hard, smooth, longing for the labial thrust. She knows where to go, what buttons to push, what I ached for for months on end. She is wet and lets loose long strides against me while her lower lip finds my taut nipples, she cups them in her mouth and warm circles evoke the ecstasy. I am given away, unyielding to the passion, fuck me fuck me I can’t take it anymore.

I start grinding more into her, letting out screams and moans that don’t sound like me, I am gone to the wind. I grab onto her, piercing my nails into her strong back as she cries out the thin line between pleasure and pain. Her hair smells of cherry blossoms and her body is a natural aromatic radiating sex, exuding it like body heat. Smells all around me, graceful enchantments heighten arousals and wicked desires; harder, faster, the bodies between the posts are a rhythmic pulse growing, in unison. Heat, tongues, breasts, sweat, our carnal dance delivers an aural satisfaction. A sinfully delicious sweet carefully laid between our moist, hot bodies. so pressed into each other I can’t tell where I begin, I feel her, I am her and she is me, two spiral galaxies colliding into unity. We both climax, screams of ending joy fill the room, careen off the walls of a Victorian boudoir. Ironic in a way. Her body stiffens with the finale, stuck in that position of a howling wolf in muddy waters. She collapses onto me in sated comfort. We lie there having given our all, rubbing our cheeks together and purring ever so slightly. Emotions run through me, I feel so high, ecstatic, can hardly breathe. Alive and spent at the same time. A memory unforgotten. Sleep now.

But what goes after this. Tender moments lost in the shuffle. Reality coming back to bite us. What are we? Are we a “we?” She lays there sated, calm and collected, stronger than I’ll ever know. I fret here fragmented and shook by the weight of what just happened. Buzzing gnats of worry flit here and there issuing future wrinkles and worry lines. I’m a broken mess looking for glue and I just fucked Elmer’s. The intensity of that bliss is lingering for me, orgasms turned palpitations. This sweat on my skin could be sex drops or neurosis, I can’t tell which. Shower. Clean your thoughts and the love that dare not speak its name covering you. The hot water cleanses my mind and I am free from any doubts and nitpicking. This was fun, is fun, joyful acts of uncompromising desire. So what if it doesn’t last. Why should I get my panties (lying ripped on the floor) in a twist over a dumb, fun, rollicking good time? People always come in and out of your life (thank god I’m down with the coming in part, no more mess to clean up). I should take it all in stride and walk with confidence down a lazy shore of indifference. That’s what I’ll do, new self activate, commencing countdown, engines on. But what if…