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What did our fathers lose life and limb for? What horrors crossed their eyes to be later set on a stubborn child of a nation with brothers and sisters losing life so young. Why did our mothers clothe and feed us, sustain our bodies and minds? For us to grow into men and women who chatter and wrung that proverbial white towel. Washing ourselves with it, reeking of defeat and taking solace in minor niceties. Okay bossing it up with the slumps and schmoes in the dumps we call the ghetto. Our homes and communities gentrified, our minds nullified, our hearts solidified. Black atrophy, brown indignity, colour blind apathy!

These future stocks we hold in our hands are withering in our palms as on the fields we sow. The only good black thing is oil in this blasted society. High minded rhetoric and consolations for the losing parties. They think we’re dumb, they think we can see their game, the chess match is us versus their deep blue and we’re mated. Stuck in our ruts and perspiring at the prospect of no prospects. Live to work; working against ourselves in endless contortions of pride and concessions. We give them our all and hear cries of more. More toil, more pay cuts, taxes, restrictions, corporate loop holes, deteriorating health care and welfare. We fare well with the meagre opportunities given to us like dogs under the table. Scraps of limp, lifeless promises broken time and again. Our native brothers know all about that. Whether it’s all out genocide or a slow one meted out by “law and order,” “justice and equality,” that glowing catchphrase called freedom.

Lady Liberty, multiculturalism, affirmative action. Just empty syllables sputtered by a hateful mouth of madness. Powers that be looking down on us as they jump on our backs to reach the next rung. Higher they go for the prize and we’re looking out to not get run over. Pushed down the snake when we were told there was ladders for us finally. I had my hand out to grasp the edge and returned with bootprints on my face. But that look is always there, the look of superiority; smugness of the liar, gall of the cheat, appropriation of the usury lenders. Cut eye, loose lips, spiteful tongue. I know what harsh words and judgements are whispered behind closed doors. Just think of what they said about the Jews before and replace it with “nigger.” Every other culture is backwards, deformed, uncivilized. Everyone who is not European or Anglo Saxon is a blight on the species, a sub human posing as respectable. Deep within their guts there is animosity, a primal hatred of the “other.”

Xenophobia, homophobia, ethnocentric global phobia. I hear words of co-operation, locking arms into a brighter tomorrow while systematically lopping off my appendages. Broken digits scrambling for the right papers to get a job, get a house, get that ever necessary good credit. My score is too low to afford the good life. Best to give up and watch the betters on reality tv, irony covered up. Relegated to the back of the line hoping for sweet relief. I get to the front and I’ve received the wrong forms; Gilliam bureaucracy at its finest. Every hurdle is an act of division, every opportunity is a lesson in futility. Scattered, battered, shuffled to the side populace longing for that dream that’s only a whisper. We are schizophrenics, hearing it in our heads and angling for it, pursuing fleeting memories of hope.

I hear things are better than they once were. The old west has been supplanted by the cogs of modernity. A flawed utopia is building with each passing day. Yes, better are the days than the distant roots that grow within us. The long march has settled and the detour is afoot. How we are distracted and coerced into acceptance of this pitiful norm. Our pride is starving and too weak for the hunt. Emaciated lions against the gluttonous hogs. We buy things to find our voice. We consume as the masters wish it, condoning and supporting atrocious behaviour put upon the poor and so called third world. Corporate greed trumps goodwill, capital is king in the land of the blind. This is no relay race. We are limping runners chained to the start line and there’s more than one gunshot.

There is death and suffering in our midst. We must not partake of its fruits, we must not dwindle our lives in pointless debates and infighting. Violence abounds in a sick society infecting the globe. You are being used by a conglomerate of wealthy persons and interests. Refuse to be brainwashed, refuse the lies from those in charge, refuse to be refuse. This world needs a greater good to latch on to. An idea worth fighting for, a time flourishing with hope, bursting with anticipation of its imminence.

Where are the real leaders? Not the pulpit spewing, tweeting, camera showboating limp dicks who flatter us with practiced words and more promises. We don’t need no damn promises! We need a working, organized, egalitarian and free movement. The echelons of power must rattle beneath our feet. Marching until we are bruised and bloody, swift action on massive scales, a Leviathan of righteous progression. Meticulous and detailed political will unleashed in incremental policy changes. Flushing the system with words of our own, rights cemented into law of the land. No more will we lay down for the privileged to receive their ill gotten gains. Time for our gains. I want to be fat with the progress of a new nation. I want my descendants to peer back at this epoch as a new dawn, a new Renaissance. The return of right and wrong and principled action and policies. The moral centre beckoning for inclusion into our lives once more. Might of right our will to live on after our death. A promise not to be broken. Never.