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The silly slithering asses and asps making fortuitous rounds. Widgets and glitches encircling plugged in denizens lapping up the bytes. Hungry like the wolf and showing white fang. Down down we go into a myriad of fancies and teleconnections. Pay the piper’s price to get in, the social circles, the earthly club going meta; digitalis paralysis. Ethernet connections covering body fibres in optical illusions, the grid takes over the physical. Geometric dances laying rails on our uploaded faces. See me, see all of us, privacy redux, open book security pause and flaws. All that possibility doesn’t come for a song, give more of yourself to reap the rewards and bask in the overbright omnipotent glow of our Our Father web. Hook up to this new religion, the all-encompassing uncivil, libel, haters hating, groups accepting, communities springing, social scene. A microcosm of the species, an ever-evolving paradox we pretend to understand. All the articles of pressing importance, prescient mavens, pressuring political significance.

See, see, they make an impact, the birdy messages and likes, the redistribution of a nation at odds, share and share alike making waves for the dominant powers. Those holding the rein but to give an expedient message to the followers and media shapers. Shifting views and soliciting replies to mark the appearance of representation. Working for you, I’m lovin’ it, snappy jingles and slogans of the marketing machine that invades, pervades, permeates indefinitely the airwaves of the electorate. Party politics on review rewind, history is unmaking itself, rewriting past and recording everything to saturate the market. The playing field rife with the inescapable conclusion of reason; we are alone, any action must be made by the lower half. Politically correct proletariat sidetracked by pampering and technogasms. The gaga gadgets hide the answers. Wiki giving you all but no clear solutions. Blurry eyed contacts relaying blurbs of mild entertainment as the world burns, turns, yearns. Joker got the cards and the kings and queens have turned their backs. Allegiance on the table soaked with blood money.

Everyone pays, the piper has his day. The face is covered but the interest is laid to bare. Every few years a little nugget comes out. Every few decades a truth comes bursting forth form the wraps. We stare goggle-eyed at the dailies, the news that’s fit to print in an expanding lie. Of note, of record, all mediums of the tempting fib. White collar, white lies, white privelege beating down the lessers. Brothers in arms are raising pitch forks and tirades. Right wing radio phasing in the death knell of democracy, if ever such a thing was real. Lefty spenders pilfering pockets and unsure where to give, the wisdom of the now is never in sight. Never shall the twain meet, nevermore into the night. Rally for sanity long forgotten, left alone in the dirt. Mudslinging and partisanship the fabricated reality. No rulers measure up. Long in the tooth, short in sight. Regressive, oppresive, dullards doling out a pittance. Paupers and poverty while rich gorge themselves on the trickle up. False economy, false faces, false humanity on the earth.