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On the train track trail
Lickin third rails
Time to rock the bell
Time to abc sell
Go toe to toe with the devil
Give him his due and bail
Tell god that he failed
Nothing more to tell
Drowning in sea of angels
Holy water dispels
Heaven fire must quell
Dummy spirits just dwell
I’m a bat outta hell
Lusty lust for the kill
Gimme room for a spell
On the tracks farewell


Illa Ella Imogen.
Fight for life in sanguine.
Daughter of the mater queen.
Gestate in the bulbous scene.
Growing pains to awkward teen.
Runaway oh so keen.
Frightened torso.
Panic moreso.
Deathly forest courage borrow.
Princess stuck in vertigo.
Make it til next morrow.
Passed the test pass the wine.
Thanks be she lays supine.
Tattered but she fairing fine.
Tossed hair and smarting spine.
Wild child among the pine.
Lineage can’t define.
Mother of a new line.

This type of love

I want a love that makes the moon brighter than the sun.
A love that wills bravery on the coward.
To sleep one night with thee.
To hear your breath upon my chest.
Baiting me to receive thine hook.
Delicate hands caressing the body made for thee.
A scoundrel waiting for affection.
A hounding dog tiring to be tethered to a master.
Kind director of my life play.
Post scripts ands x’s and o’s adorning my wall.
Tenement of tenderness, home and hearth and all.
What love that beckons from the field below.
I bellow at mountain tops the name of my embrace.
The sun of my cosmos.
Suffereth the gilded pricks of matrimony harmony.
Golden trophy at my home making life so grand.
Awarded gifts of trifles.
Truffles for my petite sweet.