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You can live your life however you want. There is no prescription for life even though some people think so, you don’t have to be like anyone except whoever you happen to be and even that is up for grabs. You could spend your days eating chocolate cake, playing the old space invaders with friends and having lengthy discussions about The Simpsons. Was Homer an allegory for the fall of Rome?!

Sure, you could do things to change it up, get out of your routine and bring more adventure into your life. Broaden those experiences and hum drum anecdotes. You could surely leave the shell for some risque times but it is your choice, no one should be telling others how to live. These hucksters and self-help gurus spouting about seizing life and the day. Nothing wrong with motivation and having higher goals for yourself mind you, but this reality that we are in is about having a good time, enjoy the ride Mr. Hicks. You’re enjoying your life so far? good, it is the way it should be, no comparisons necessary. Your “self” is a combination and confluence of varying experiences and aging foundations. Nature made the nasty with nurture and your individual spot in the multiverse is a particular atom in a particle-rich existence.

We lock horns and ram ourselves with imaginings and futile makeovers to negate the self, to change our composition to match some idealized or mass marketed persona; a stifling contention taking our breath. We could be hit over the head with obvious advice yet we continue to debase ourselves and wish to be that other. We’re at the low level jumping barrels and everyone else has got the Peach. Maybe that is what is needed of you. You are the magnetic force of the cosmos. Your excitations keep the world moving and a choogling. Life needs balance and you are the weight holding down evenness. Why not embrace the spirit you are and be content with your content. We are the stardust of an evolving galaxy. Cluster me.