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I gobble history like turkey jerky
The old ways within me
Be like water homie
Mister masters on my mind and I’m up for days
I rep to the fullest and opine for old days
I’m a Pac Man
And I eat other MCs like pellets
Call me Pac Man
Surfin on sick flows this an infinite ride
Rising star when worlds collide
I come down like lightning
Call me Raiden
Kombat ninja now I be the Gaiden
Jumpin over you to get my piece of the prize
Everyone be all eyez
Birthday cake surprise
Future bright surmise
Can’t you see silver lining skies
I don’t listen to your words
It’s hateration spermiation
Releasing seed or releasing venom
I suckle poisonous guts just to win em
Battle for Seattle
Sleepless chattle and cattle
Wake up America this is the final death rattle
Sicker society sicker of me
Pugnacious pup or iconoclast see
Tear down the walls Gipper
Tear up the laws Ripper
Jack nickels on dinner
Po folks starvin blokes
Marvin marvel black tokes
Acid rain on hollow refrain
Pulpit bull spewing all terrain
They come for ears
Try to allay fears
Speak to ya real nice
Then rob ya thrice
Slick little talkers I run em out
Throwing back demons into the hellmouth