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The dry cracking of pleated petal skin. Jagged Jagger lips escaping as a runaway. Kunta Kente oral escapades. My mouth dissolves, pixel by pixel disappearing in a blue lagoon with brooke in tow. The teeth still set, grinding away at swollen soft cheeks relishing metallic blood. Eating away the shamed face, morsel after morsel leaving me with question mark identity. Faceless man with nothing to lose. Nonexistent brain blinks out of the world. I am I am says the Descartesians, foolish fops grinding away at swollen ideas, rejoicing in their mental gymnastics for all the commoners to see. Look look how wise I am! Mommy dearest don’t you see? shouldn’t society be thanking me? Shouldn’t they be down on one knee? Proposing oh so passionately? Suffering fools in drooling stools. Mickey on the run as they awaken. Hurry hurry yella now, the magic’s about to begin.

The devoured and restless heap inches ever forward to ape dawn oblivion, nourishing al Maliki sweets. Tender tots and wispy clots stuffed into fat mouth holes. The wonka children descending from the vines to glut on purple placebos and sugar pills. Thrills, chills, eager kills. The maniac machete swings down on severed heads. ISIS crisis filling airwaves. Mices not men, why don’t you see? Ah, the head is gone, that’s the sticky wicket. Blind to atrocities, blind to the world. Shut up shut in, nothing lingers nothing learns. Islama llama phobia threatening rain on native’s soil. Brothers in arms, brother’s keeper except if leaker, then the hammer falls. Lock him up, string him up, torture teacher pave the way. Waterboard and spinal cord the only price to pay. Pay off desert hullabaloo to reap just rewards. Surges bring us power outs and never those eyed resources. Sources say, seek and ye shall find. I sought and scraped for heaven’s sake and god gave me a warm hand. He lead me to the devil and said “here is the mirror man.”

Taking pumping billing drilling, sellout pipes and tankers milling. Mining shiny and future stocks, newer currency the emperor’s new clothes. Sell sell, prepay credit spray, lock and stock and dwindling barrels. Money money funny world, silly prats fall to fear. Speculation, speckled elation, sickled nation, sick hold station. Lies lies bluray tape, demagogues and laughing frogs pent up fatcat race. Hate, vitriol, foment anger, dumb the viewer, spoil the manners. No eye to eye only eye on you. Para paranoid security, just trust scarcity, locked up state indefinitely. Cameras film watch watch, posted poster identity, books and blogs on watch list. Do not track, do not see. Be the blind faceless man for me. Eat the mouth eat the eyes, speak no evil tell no lies.