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That rapturous melody fluttered around in my head. A waning, spirited tune that begged for attention. Revelatory auditory music story hallucinations. It started off quaintly, tinny in character, then monstrously it grew into orchestral crescendos, reveling and flirting gleefully with piqued synapses and nerdy neurons. These blips of grey matter just so pleased to be around the sonorous merry melodies. The sounds charming axons into terminal thrillness.

Frilly frenetic messages abounding about. Talking stock in luxuries of limited edition recordings. Fawning sparks aplenty, haunting tones upon thee, deliverance from echolalia musicalia. Audiophiles and maestros, metal heads and spirals, of light and sound ever twisting into distant infinities of mental black scapes. Double helixes of sensational elations morphing blind eyes to starry night skies. Beautious universe inside the musical mind.

Like Nas and his book of rhymes.
I look at old poetry and cringe at time.
Stuck in a rut looking for clarity.
Reread rehash can’t get enough of me.
Fooling myself, more love for the other.
Stuck in a rut, too old like Danny Glover.
Lethal weapon is the forked tongue.
Ideas my blanket, spirit in the lung.

Ruttle scuttlebum pish pash posh. Eyes and armpits just like Krumm. Fevered dreams and Nightingales, all seeing eyes peruse the tails. Predator predates war, full fledged scum in earthly whores. Judgy judgy moralizing Mr. Man. Tottering scales with lids so heavy. Earthling cops with batons ready. Citizens with rock so steady. Holler holler crooks and liars, extra extra lost empire. Galleyways gollywogs, fiddle faddle olden days. Pick a pretty shine it up, hold it safe hold it tuff. Greasers, pacers, pump and stuff. All good days have their luck. Luck duck muckle muggle, hued human and the news. Foodstamp Mali, footstop Mollie, little Lotta she recoils. Boils spoils patchy royals, cabbage rolls and kiddy toils.