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There’s talk of philosophy being wrapped in itself. That it wastes too much time debating and relating things that have become inconsequential. Thinking about thinking, why is why why? In a way I agree but as a lover of philosophy I am partaken to indulge in its underpinnings and shade under its umbrella.

As I defend the thinking man’s game I must also critique and defend what I feel is going the same route, that being feminism. I can be a bit of an old school feminist and I don’t denounce nor congratulate the likes of Nicki Minaj and Gaga. Owning more than your sexuality is what I see as real feminism and it would serve the cause to be more political minded instead of relating everything to money and business. Turning tables is good in its own right, making men subordinate is a turn of the proverbial key. But as these industries go, the men on top still rule the roost and the sexpots are reeling in dough for the white man all while selling the big f.

Another side is the infighting and squabbling over PCness and terminology. I read some stuff over at Bitch magazine and there is this debate of sorts over the usage of historically male words used to denigrate women or feminine things. One example was douchebag and how in the past it was a negative word with negative connotations. Now using it for men is considered feminist as it was something forced upon women and was undesirable therefore douchebag men are in the same boat. I like this approach but obviously there are women who take issue with things of this ilk and tend to champion differing points of view and modes of existing.

From a skeptical, cynical view the future of feminism is a mixed bag with rotting treats. What can I really say about the younger women and how they fit into all this and how righteous are they. I’ve met conservative women who don’t seem to care about the right-wing manipulation machine and are more “in it for themselves.” There is comraderie but not solidarity, empathy but not action, awareness but no coordination. Maybe there’s just too much danger, like what’s happening to Anita Sarkeesian right now and the chattering monkeys that wish to keep women down. Whatever the future it seems like there are many angles and no focus. Complex is the fight for equality.