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Chitty chat fat rat gonna get some scat.
Dirt devil snort and grumble, pick a pithy end.
Devil details and second mortgages.
Poverty no snobbery, tittle tattle ends.
Petty pet pack rat gone and used it all.
Falling for flavor favors and sucking off the wall.
Thriller killer bj filler.
Glory hole and dollar toil.
Codine, oxy, every pill.
Down the chute down the hole.
Mighty mouse mighty speedy.
Cash crash last hoorah bash.
Down the drain to sell that ass.
Manic mousy oh so chintzy, drooling dragging on the floor.
Upside down powder clown, frothing at the mouth.
Overdone overdose party packrat so morose.
Giddy up getter done, coffee coffin cup o fun.
Mortadella mortuary, white stuff white ash none to bury.