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There’s a scream inside my chest. Just below the heart. I feel it bubbling and aching to be released but I can’t  do it. It’s just not in me to let that out, to open the cage. I did scream therapy a bit. I’d go down to the basement at work and yell my head off to get some relief. I figured I would feel better, it’d be cathartic and I wouldn’t have to suppress the whole lot of expulsions. It doesn’t do that much, just makes me feel out of sorts, at wits end. Might as well jack off and eat pudding (you know you want pudding, you can’t  deny it). But now the aching rebel yell is beckoning me to give in, tainting and taunting the lethargic lump just looking to enjoy a book.

In myself out of myself,  I can’t  tell where I begin. Aural spirals coalescing and drifting slantedly along a sulfurous green background, something akin to sleeping beauty glows. Cigarette-like wafts tenderly wrapping themselves around each other, little minxes in foreplay. Room is a blurry, out of focus swamp filled with peculiar little crocodiles with gentle smiling jaws. Birds of paradise the prey and no room to set a foot down. Every which way is a mouth or a plume. Violets and periwinkle, a dash of rouge and blue. Undulating, suffocating, feathers all astrew. Brightly lit show offs with manga style borders framing pastel bodies.

Over there, what do I see, what relief I peer in sight? A lock and key and silver pathways out of this site. I toddle and waddle over to the spot. Lollygagging and dripping, it seems I am the melting clock. Arms and hands droop down to my blackened feet, legs bent out in comical fashion, how am I to go about. Messily I make my way out of this hell hole only to find myself in another circle of unfathomables.

Rings of fire glowing hot, red as scarlet letters. Around they go circling this mighty pitfall. The fire basin belches much but so far down it is from me. I feel my fear of heights has been used against me. Whomever made this twisted realm surely know his captive. Behind the walls I find some ropes to swing me to the next level. On pensive examination I have deduced I am in a game of sorts; an avatar forced to face his own destruction. What goals and achievements I must render is unbeknownst to me. I feel and fear I must go on and break free from this prison.