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Macha machoke mecheck ready.
Paper pauper blue confetti.
Incheck insect ichiban.
Loaded tiger loads of fun.
Ingsoc ingsoc rabble run.
Lasik paycheck see them run.
Down da riva down da boat.
Only dead bodies float.
Panorama futurama futunari fumble drama.
Wushu mushu kajagoogoo
China arms new wave see through.
Mighty power mighty night.
O’er lands full of fright.
Jekyll jackal nickle mingle.
Copper super trevi looper.
Brucy lucy I love busey.
Crazy insane insane crazy.
Ems and ems flattering maybe.
Rap god fap god.
Licka lick leaks and peeks.
Make a sound make a rumble.
Hoity toity fooforaw.
Taut waists and celebs in bra.
Mashup mingle earthly jingle.
Fanboy piffle and nerdy niche.
Introverted inner circle.
Picky pixies punks and geeks.
Popular pop em up.
Grande design chart is stuck.
Tippy tip topple goes the star.
Brite-eyed hopeful the next awe.
Aww bah humbug raw.
Hater hates and hate cereal.
Gobble bobble the new 40.
This is pieces of a story.
Unfold retold billy blanks.
Shot up drugstore nuttin but blanks.
Hands up hands up.
Black folks an enemy.
Maybe a frenemy.
When you need em you love to see.
Be seen with masses oh so classless.
Election come you leave they asses.
Title and idol gets the vote.
Attention rot and soon revolt.
Avenge descend uprising depends.
Che che piggy bay.
Missile crisis on ebay.
Webs of coin glitch of bit.
In the news gone at 6.
Cover up snuff and tuff.
Secret war beards and gruff.
In shalla make it clap.
Holy war extremist trap.
Fight forever fight to peace.
Turn to pieces and ashy defeat.
Freedom freedom too much hype.
Always taking helping hand then bite.
Terror terra on the mind.
On the tube and we rewind.
2003 dun come again.
Po folk broke and dead brown children.
Maybe maybe different score.
Longs as no profit whores.
Jets set tarmac open.
Animal farm let out pig pen.