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Little Lotta has no fadda.
Eating bitter tears and whey.
She gulps them down with awful sounds
Coming from mama’s bedroom play
Fight and rumble, domestic tumble
More black eyes for former beauty queen
Coverall the staple for the frightly nightly scene
She grows up to timid pup
Fragile as brittle clay
Little china doll with a purple parasol
Making mother’s mistakes each day
Phony nice men, monsters that sin
Using her every which way
She gulps once again while tending children
So many mistakes that need her affection
She loves them lots these porcelain tots
And never shows fear again
She’s found a good man with a severed hand
But the other does not strike at all
He caresses her head and is heard to have said
My heart has a lotta love for Lotta
I tell this story for the boys so horny
Never let your strength own you
And for all the girls wishing diamonds and pearls
Just know that somebody loves you