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The sapien, the simian, the old bravado simpleton.
Dancing, prancing all about.
Left foot right foot, port and stout.
Look at him jangle for pocket jingle.
Copper coins on crimson floor.
Blood money on DDR decor.
Fancy ravens pluck away.
At hair and fur of boogie display.
Hooker on the mind and time fretting away.
Hum hum doldrums on layaway.
Hiss and froth the monkey turn mad.
Profits gone he has been had.
Mister master gone and took it all.
Walking on eggshells after mighty fall.
Turn the yolk, turns the milk.
Pawn that vest made of silk.
Peach stealing monkey on the run.
He comes for the teeth of migrant children.
Tooth fairy has a new face.
Dental thievery a corporate race.
Animalia kingpin so swift you can’t see.
Reaping rewards in enamel currency.