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Let not your mouth be open until an offering is given.

Religion is always changing and adapting to grasp at relevance.

This territorial nature of humans is turning into whining dogs in the kennel.

The gossip mill has an overflowing silo everyone collects from.

Freedom is a long drive with frequent stops.

Corruption is an ink blot with many avenues of perceiving.

Knowledge is a gift you wrap yourself.

Peace is a clock constantly needing winding.

Personal truth starts as self-deception.

Consciousness must arise from suffering.

Suffering has its roots in want and desire.

Fear is the ignition of the psyche.

Time and space are a constant gardener devoid of purpose.

We all wear masks.

Science is always the underdog expected to do tricks.

A name is an arrangement of syllables that only makes sense when privy to the face that belongs to it.

Those who cry foul often embody the err.

Letting go means saying goodbye to what you once were. We face a new dawn after exiting the shelter.

I would like to believe in something if something weren’t absent in me.

It’s a baby step world and we’re all learning to walk.

There’s a harsh truth in the back of my head and my mind’s in neutral.

I can measure my life in seven deadly sins.