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Obsession compression, tick tick tock runaway clock. It seems I have become obsessed with time.  Recently? No it has been the thriving corpulent leech greedily sucking marrow since adolescence. Traveling backwards through the life cycle to pour over these diluted memories. Wishing takebacks and gimme gimme desires, flushing flooding steely Serpico brain. Temporal spasms giving rise to dank skank resolutions. Revolting revolutions to pitter patter ponder in Pooh Corner meditations. Think think little sparrow, fable of the underdog being told to prized orphans, forlorn reminiscences vying for dominance in the muggy puddle of gray foggery.  Come come, do keep pace, the watchmaker’s toy making watch on all. Little lovely ones hammering away on sham memories, repression be the key. Open chests on solitude beaches awaiting turns of reverie. Lock away the darkness but now they come to light. Maturation, overgrowth, the time-tested minute hand embraces it’s hour.