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Me me me, oh I’m so important. I’m the Socratic Andy Kaufman of this hungry devouring world. I shine that begotten light on the darkness. I am the mirror baring all that jazz, genuine reflect, genuflect. Flex pecs, gold rolex, showing off for players approval. All the world’s a stage and where are the accolades for the prop department.

Pride, that’s the key, that’s the sticky wick of it. Ballooning ego centers floating fluffily along long drifts. Light in gopher loafers, manic panic for the turn. Key, key, don’t forget the wittle brass tooth. The human centerpiece for one and all to see. Skin showers all in front of me, watch the bipeds pedal peddle on byways.

Frankie says my way, bareass naked down the highway playing chicken with Death. Chicken hawk cheater says it’s always his turn. Make him run make em run, gingerbread man with taffy soles, can’t escape, irony drole. Rigmarole playthrough and putter’s at the green, lucky duck, get the par for winning cup. A highs man is a sated man, smoke from lips speak no evil, curved corners for toothy grinning pup.

Play play, set met on display, let me luxury in poverty in the beckoning Eliot wasteland. T.S, tough shit, Mallrats scurrying furry little ones about, Mandarin Caesar in pert mouths. Gather round hear the word, hearts aflush gushing forth from solitaire blackjack mack. It’s the return walking down the street shining flossy floss with dangling chingaling chains. Another showoff trundling down rip roarin’ golden roads.

Arrogant parrots blabalabbing stolen words, slowly siphoning internal, infernal, proverbial spirit. Away, away, Akira come and stay. Mama say animate tired souls peering out platinum windows, concrete jungle habitat. Moving soothing jungle brat. Fever fever, in the morning, black coffee Peggy’s specialty. Give them their due and head due south. Mounted mountie navigating scarred earth. New world new order, start again rebirth. Phoenix remix, deus ex machina mirth.