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Parcel sparse, and the maiden is left wanting. Chiding time, fret fret away doldrum hours for the delivery of toys for the tiny tot. The little rose tinted cherry bum that seeks fawning hugs and maternal adoration. Whisker-thin serrated heartstrings chugalug tug tugging at the mama mater cello organ.

Elle, the sweet hereafter now, in glowing glory for trumpeting strumpeting fumbling baby babe. Chubby ankles just rankle at devotion nectar core. Just peaches days and nights stamped on parental paradox. Love just as much but hate it all the same. One life to live but working for the two. Double company breadth of life but monopoly on her time. Ritual and sacrifice she makes it look so fine.

Pretty sweet pretty dull, pretty on the mind. Falling fellows at her feet but what a task to decide. Good man is hard to find, tender man would be sublime. The lately mates come with a tag, the baggage oh so heavy. Pick up heave, muscles taut, the best a girl can get.

Plot is soup, thicken thicken, get along gang for the new millennium.