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Oh, to find a home in the growing cold of this expanding landscape. Warmth aglow on the outer edges of the gilded portrait, the white space harassing this humble vignette. Humble grumble, pith and tumble, brush stroke stumble, color mumble.

Where is the hearth and fireplace pricking it’s ears for my arrival? Engorged and swollen feet bursting forth, engrossing the nippiness of autumnal winds, soaking in the idea of a hot soak scrub tub bub. Weapon X giving up, Logan’s run, last leg on the mend. No rest for the weary, adamantium fury bubble troubling up. Searching for the seat, longing for reacquaintance. Desire so strong you can call it a tryst.

Push on, keep on, little engine still strong. Loose caboose on short fuse. Never to give in to anger rising, Jerry Cantrell or Falwell falling in. Putrid parochial venom flowering from the gullet. Simple mind primal scream. Rebel yell for illusory dream. Rage rage it’s all the rage, nothing but a rat inna cage. Falling gourds for venting stage.

Stumble bumble nip and tuck. Six feet under outta luck. Darkly dreaming Dexter out to play. I wish I wish he’d go away. The fuming ire has purpose yet. Focus locus, attune the mindset. Repeat the mantra for the goal of ahimsa. So proud of my self sim simma.

Darkness gone, lights aplenty. Quasar soulpiece glowing growing flowing immensely. Just so, pampered, fulfilled deeply. Heart sinks gently and so sweetly. The fire, the venom, comes back again. Never left, never wavered, the curse of men. Static flux, forever a human.