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A spotted hen came a clucking on a dim afternoon.
Warbling and chortling that eerie sort of tune.
I took a look and stopped myself from getting out of hand.
This mustn’t be, this cannot be, the portend reprimand.
The color is all wrong, the genus another score.
What a fool I am to think a raven at my door.
No, not that ominously foul fowl come to haunt my weary bones.
But a geeky little pheasant emitting dulcet little tones.
Compared to the rude caw caws it really is for the best.
I go to bed a satisfied man with no weight upon my chest.

Nothing stirring, nothing jostling, abode all in tact.
Secure and sound, safe abound, alone am I in fact.
Nothing good, nothing bad, a neutral life must be had.
Protected from all sides, my defense is iron clad.
I am safe I am well, nothing ever gets to me.
But one day it might not be so so I’m under lock and key.
Fortress of a mind, fortress of an abode.
Away from all the dangers life throws upon the road.
You mistake me for a coward but I do not like surprises.
A wise man takes heed and horrors he excises.

But I believe one day those hauntings will come for me.
I am prepared, I see to that, though all I cannot see.
I faintly fathom nightmares coming forth from the distance.
That day will come where I have no more resistance.
I go towards the darkness and make the tomb my home.
I’ll be safe and sound in my private new catacomb.
I’ve been protected in life and in the hereafter.
Nevermore the caw caws or ever-present laughter.
In my heart, in my head, I hear it all too well.
There’ll be peace I know when comes the toll of that bell.