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I met a man who wasn’t there.
He said hello today.
His voice was hollow and thin.
I don’t think that I shall greet him.
He’s scary and alarming.
I want him to go away.

He chased me down the hall today.
I ran an awful lot.
He’s getting closer everyday.
How long can I keep the pace?
I turned a corner and he was there.
Grinning like a fool.

Years passed by and time went on.
I’m now old and grey.
I see a little boy sometimes.
He always runs away.
I want to be his friend.
But he does not believe in me.

Paper Chase

Sucky sucky five dolla
Ring yo thing hood and colla
Down we go rim dat hole
Paper chase old rule
Get dat rabbit get it get it
Down dat hole start the race
Get it by the neck nice
Like my new necklace
Down da street best price
Gimme dat you steal this
Fightin for da paper chase
We’re at war ova dis
Kill yo sis ova market price
Demon spawn accomplice
Control own yo soul
All I wanted rice in bowl
Little meat for empty gut
No mo po folks stuck in rut
Feed me, leave me
I alone solo key
Gospel for my own need
Pray on high to starve the greed
Rockin in my new world
Givin up the hunt fo gold
I ain’t selfish I ain’t rude
Givin up capitalist brood
I ain’t in da game no more
I no flakin money whore
Crawlin fo shine that ain’t me
Diggin fo wealth I don’t see
I jus wanna live peacefully
I jus wanna get what I need
Sage advice is what I heed
Comfortable with lot in life
No need fo dat money strife
Paper chase, paper rough
Cut myself had enough
No mo blood spilt no guilty
I live in my hutch so free
Rodent race teeth that bite
I live for my own damn plight
Follow me come see
Wez gonna be mighty happy

There is a lasting grace in civility
An enamored sense in senility
To forget trespasses and forge revelry
Live in the moment not antiquity
Spirals of light and positivity
Cosmic compass to bliss eternity