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The demon, the lesions, burrowed in my chest
Hiding in an alien cavity waiting to vertical burst
I’m looking for a seance to undo this hateful mess
Trying to exorcize this gleeful visitation
It’s making me crazed, mad mad lunacy on the cranium
I feel it writhing and swerving deep inside take it out
Please god get rid of this menace to society of one
I can’t take it I’m splitting in two, run rabbit rerun
I look calm and ready, under heavy eyelids gone sketchy
Beating my chest, crazy ape gone humanshit
Gimme a blade I’m gonna cut the evil out
Gimme a scalpel I’ll remove the hellmouth
Tremors squirming, excited atoms colliding round heart
Gluons attaching like parasites to an a la carte
Spirit is weakening, flesh is giving
Stumbling possessed this is the undead living
I’m screaming inside wanna retch out everything in me
Blood-filled organs sloshing to the ground
Get the sickness down outta me, I’m disturbed cantcha tell
Fear in you, the devil in me
Forked tongues telling me to pierce skin
Tears inching out I wanna cut it all out
Rip the black mass asunder, vile venom taking over
Can’t stop, body being controlled, disorganized
Lemme live lemme die
Motorhead burning forsooth
Fever fever burning bright
Put me down like a good white knight
The darklings, spoiled things, bubble trouble up
Take witches brew in a dire cup
Incision decision final stage call
Free to roam without the hyde, happy as can be
Saunter and skip for lasting reprieve
No more nagging demon seed