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You’re afraid. You’re afraid that the younger generations are finally acting upon their beliefs, that they’re fighting for freedom, for social justice, for a better society than the one you’re so accustomed to. They’re not cowering in the designated corner and running the rat race as they’re instructed to do by political and corporate masters. They are not becoming cynical or pessimistic like most of the so-called adults of our society. They are rising to the task that needs to be done, that your generation failed to uphold and follow through with.

You sold out on making a better world, you opted for the nice cars and white picket fence homes, the contentment of settling down and forgetting your ideals. You gave up on yourselves and never looked back. Sure you reminisce about your glory days and get doe eyed about when you had passion and cared about something other than your bank account, a time when lofty goals were swirling in your head and you could almost touch them.

Holding on to that youthful exuberance that filled your whole being, made you love life and gave you so much hope. You lost that though as the years went by; you gave up on making a difference, you said it was a pipe dream, a childish fantasy. You read about all the change and social upheaval that had taken place in the annals of history but you leave it as just words, not a course of action to take or follow through with.

How many have fought for a piece of the proverbial pie and died for it and you choose not to partake, to give in to apathy. You are drenched in cynicism and you look down on the rest of us that keep fighting, that hold on to dreams of brighter futures because we know the stark possibility can come true. Pugilists for peace.

We don’t fathom giving up, we can’t because we’ve inherited a mess that needs attention desperately. The social justice problem, the abolition of lingering bigotry, abortion options, climate change, LGBTQ rights, rich vs. poor equilibrium. The never-ending, timeless battle of haves and have nots trying to inhabit the same space, needing the same rights and freedoms. We inch forward ever so slowly to a tomorrow of progress while you try to keep us stagnant.

We will not stop; together we march for a state of equality, for a piece of the pie so rudely taken from our hands. We take the power back once and for all, all for one, all for a better stock of life. We are tested and ridiculed to be sure, that has no bearing on our ideals, our morals shaped by the errors of the past, the hate that fomented our action and your passivity. Well passivity and apathy no longer.

Action, brotherhood, collective love; the ABCs of a new revolution not bowing to demands. No more entreaties, no more concessions or acceptance of the norm. We will not tire of the fight, no battle fatigue can be tolerated. We must move forward, must strive for the better, must beat the opposition. We must win.