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We’ve become a nation of sharing and we are criticized and rebuked for it. Censured for transmissions and digital to and fro. If not that than we are cut and copied, mimicked for our creative cross stitching and remixing. Admen, executive relics, taking in our trades and furnishing their own abundant lifestyles, lucrative pocket linings for the saggy eyed dementors refusing to die. Siphoning creative juices to enliven their futile little existences, the sad myopia that rules their take and use regiment.

Slaves to the market; we invent for it to be homogenized and sold back to us. This sickening bulbous tumor grows and spreads almost taking over our senses. Everywhere you turn your eyes the televized circus is making havoc of the collective dignity. Mass marketing mediocrity masking malignant malevolent media masterminds morphing muddled marionettes. It all becomes a show and what has reality become? Media-filled lives, vines the new pastime, limited messages for the purvey mocking meaningful communication. Not all bad is it? Short attention and briefs have their purpose. The heyday for truncated delivery for the jilted generation. The fat of the land randomness, no emotion. What have any of us got to say?