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-The delicate little butterflies flit from here to there
Graceful as floating vapour and gentle as a mare
Wandering and fondling pockets of sweetened air
They gush out little contrivances to tangle Gaya’s hair

-Oh how wondrous and boundless the divinity of nature be
To catch a glimpse of sprawling scapes and swoon in reverie
O’er the luscious lands and lurking in the vibrant sea
Come play a song of glory and revel in cherubish glee

-Now and then we take for granted the sights freely enjoyed
What would life be like if there was but a cloying void
Without beauty and floridity this ode would surely be devoid
Of heartful exaltations the symposium of the overjoyed

-Take what stance you wish against man but do not tire of nature
Fawn over the fauna and praise the trees of time mature
Give your spirit to the outer limits and let your love endure
It may not exist forever so let’s be glad while it’s still here