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Lecherous old men salivating over young bodices.
Index of sexual arousals and all the right curves.
Parabolas of physical allure making the temptation complete.
Mathematical spermiation.
Hounds of hooting and panting demeanour lapping up sensuous coquettish vibes.
The fairer sex tending to themselves, putting up with drooling animalia eyeing every move, bend and curve.
Must tolerate and endeavour the leers and howls of nearby wolves tearing at innocence and gnashing away at the wounded fawns.
White knights dwindling in the era of the gentlemen turned jackal.
Sniffing out weakness of the desperate searchers looking for the sword and shield.
Peers are utter disappointment, no hope for simpering Hydes.
All the pompous peacocks looking for the gilded prize.
Triple seven for the jackpot, copulation always on the mind.
Chivalry is antiquated, just a blot in history books.
Morality on a sliding scale, forked demons out to play in the guise of Dorian Gray.
Tasting everything and nothing, never lasting indulgences.
Never enough for the jackals, baring teeth at rising desires when the curvy lasses pass on by.