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Y’know I always feel bad for woman, older woman stuck in boring marriages / relationships. I wanna go over there and cheer them up but they are stuck in that hustle so ces’t la vie.


Cut and Pasted Lines


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Last night
Too many ciggy
too many ciggy
too man cigarettes
fancy manish
oh so tannish
just a reality jolt

Prideful outspoken and bleating hearts yelp for inclusion, leap for the camera at dour occasion.

Searching for a more complete word for man. Earthlings, spiritus corpus, Us. Nature in flesh seems better to me; nature that takes and gives, ravishes and nurtures, builds and destroys. We are part of Nature, Science, things that are and have no classifications or codifying, things in the ether that question themselves and the surroundings, entrapment questions.

Most people’s bravado is self-esteem and jealousy
And I couldn’t hate you but I do just the same
Memories go again and my anger doesn’t change
Thought I was better than this and got over
Just more mirages and smoke cancer mirrors
Feed me the poison cull the remedy
Rhythmic persuasion those hips confuse confound me
Too much time gone but recently understood the personal injury
Maybe it was lovelorn or prideful puncturing
I should get over but in me it repeats
Angry at myself for another reason addition
So much space of loathing must be the Catholic in me
How come I’m only honest when drunk and lonely

Scar face and ugly
Black mirror break it
Que sara
A Mask for you and you...
I think it’s so easy to do so wrong cause we don’t see ourselves or face the face. Mirrors reflect self-perceived idol of the unreflective idles, only see concern on other one’s faces. Friend, foe and acquaintances furrow brow and wrinkle faces to assess us. Tsk tsk and risk aversion. Criticize the selfish and break up polygamists, keep people safe along with bracing freethinking, embracing self-effacing unless commencing the judging. Heart in right proximity but logic escaping, freebasing rhetoric with doctrines unyielding.
Slops and slurs, pussy and tits on male lips

Vocal arrangements caustic dement distort my squared area of comfort

Loud lascivious exhortations fuster and folly slurps creative juices

Liquid, cream, butter nuts squoze nasty nas rhythmic drippings

I’m just as bad as these lewd clowns making light and bright of bodies in femspot, future holes n wet spot

Chapter 2 sprees

Killer clones clowning melancholy bullies cloying callous kill kill jelly jam us brash skin tags pierce like ears of cow slavery
He’s bright, he’s a aflower

He’s a peacock proper

Strut strut scratch

Beak between the flaps
She burns me and I like it

Sensual being heats my body

Torches blazes my chest, my loins, my everything

Confused heart palpitates

Hard fast beat hard

Love lust lusting for bodice unfolded

Jazz, blues and late night memory


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The more you get to know someone the more you find a few things to like. Guy I know, Shane, seems or he puts out image of little but ignorant white guy but past facade he has real thoughts to share, real emotions he may want to get out but his other friends/mates may be lacking in emotional outreach.

Told me some things bout his family siblings cross each other
bad blood bad news
think my relationships with me sisters not good enough but
his are separate
brother sister gone past mending I guess
so it goes

can’t like a man without him sharing the personal
don’t trust until some truth spills forth
always a spilling
males not so accustomed to moments of comrade clarity
so it goes

Are you there?


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“Lord O Lord whateva Lord there be
Do I see myself as you see me
Am I servant to saviors or servile to me
Does this body care for itself more than what is supposed to be

I’ve tried and I’ve tired to lift myself free
Pushed and shuffled to lift up and reach
I don’t like to give in to the strife and the struggle
Things hard yes but I live and suffer
Just as others did and more that come
I just want some piece of good news to deliver itself to me

And come and bathe and wash away my pain
Alight my temples and relieve me of this rage
Can’t help but boil among the hot waters I’m in
Is it selfish to wish for better when I’m not the only one
But the weakness come maybe last forever
Maybe never you’ll come till I become better
May be I’ve come out of worse and all this now is better

It feels better and I just felt like screaming to thee
Pour my soul out just so I know it still beats
And the rhythm reaches you and you have swayed with me
We dance alone but together until some day the music changes key

What I do now
We do
Unsure if it’s right or wrong
Good or ill
If any thing I say is worth a damn thing
If an ear is needed to listen to these ramblings
Does being mad make me more accepting of What Is and not What Should Be
Should we even Be
Not for me to answer but the question rings inside me
Was I given doubt but to appreciate the Be
Question all things to understand the existence of meaning
Suffering of heart and flesh to know the good that is there
The pain of the casted down to see there is light and some place higher to achieve
Can you answer me