Quips n Pretorts


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Hey, you like mozzarella sticks? Why don’t you get me some n you can watch eat it.

Let’s take that bad mood n make pinata of sadness. 

Ain’t nothing like bourbon on a tit to make a soursop. 

The effort people put in to make up for years of neglect, that’s the subtlety of human suffering. 

Makes us humble sniffing in the dirt to find our past footprints.

Miles to go before we kill a metre.

People go three sheets to the wind n they got a blanket fort can’t last a fortnight. 

If everyone picked each other up we wouldn’t have any downtrodden.

If you got a pretty clam call me the ghost in the shell.

I’d define myself as having the characteristics of a refined egg Mcmuffin.

Ya shine the light in the darkness ya just got a big distraction. 

Ain’t nobody wanna see the truth when lies and deception are primetime. 




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World’s a peaceful green with oceans salty and birthing
I remember some age of beauty and being a kid just loving and watching
Hiking and spanning eyefuls of artful joyous
Wanna paint the world before the falling and dirt smearing
Ugly mess o’ black sludge and past men garbage
you do this to us and keep talking and smiling
We call BS
Fuck your capped teeth and groomed personality address
We got you, we see where you livin’
Another lying sack in a cul de sac reality
Abnormal freakish, dirty minds collate and regress
This society, this progressive youth blasting eye opening
Could of been jaded but seeing the light of these teens
Braver than corrupted and spineless politicos
Why not just evacuate and leave us to fix this mess

Could you stop
Could you leave ur position to make room for gutsy delinquents
Cause brawler kiddies got more tuffness and hutzpah than old white men in blue ties
Your time is over just leave with some respect
Too much to give you but we moderns just want respite without the judgement
Just leave
Just go retire in some lodging of balsa and java wallpaper
How long we wait
How bad we feel for youngens hurting and suffering
for old boys not realizing the game is over and they’re free to leave
Mess the world but don’t keep it up
Fuck that daughter of your baseness and phony, crony, devilish matrimony



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“Doctors and nurses definitely have had their important places and times in my life,” Cory says. “But when it comes to matters of the mind, cognition, OCD, et cetera, we really know relatively little compared to our knowledge of the rest of our bodies…. Sometimes it felt like I’d become a guinea pig in an experimenter’s lab.”

Cory Friedman

Med Head – James Patterson