where was I?


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And the ADD kick in so I forget how to be charming
Ladies feel to leave
their attention bereft
So I’m left discussing the previous minutes once again
Replays in the mind spouting off
Me one side then other debating that pass over
scripture in my head x’ed out inked over
elder scrolls rolled up for home deliver
best be returning to the hovel
more late night rebuttals
antagonist shuffles
be tired of it one minute then rehash again
reheat a sickly dinner with the plastic wrap melted in
all tastes the same might as well be like the fish and gulls
full o’ that clear gold
stomach lined in squeaking folds
all told there’s probably tons of it in there already
all those cheese slices one step away from cling wrap
coated sacs preserved for prestige
the western delicacy marketed since elementary
colourful coats dance on screens
technicolor vivid colour neon colour staring at me
is the whole world plastic
see through but can’t get to it
seems like we know what’s there but just more screens
distort the image like some fogged glass
no go through it
look but no touch
like junk science no peer view
pier review dive off cold awakening
what’s real
is what it is
every brazen body claiming reality
read the net articles and edited vids and call it truth parity
purity of the naive gives self-esteem boosts
foggy scenes ahead must look clear and pristine
safer that way keep fear at bay
keep the scared internal from lashing out and running to a way
to the questioning people party
analytical reasonables
humble dolts honestly speaking troubles and trifles and spouting stories keeping em comfortable
ain’t my fault is the immis and the govs
it’s the party that’s in charge that didn’t inherit probs
debts backtracks and insolvent ideology
revel in the chaos that traces back to each blurred disparity
sides misunderstood and bogged in paperclip democracy
we all started it several times and went back again
once more into the breach
same mistakes in the loose leafs
loose morals grab the spineless and bothered
busy business people we’ve morphed in to for solace
apple watches keep track of our busy bizy mentality
coordinated tasks and tables times our time in brackets
time for guidelines and graph sheets
mathematical mechanical wastepaper plutocracy controlling unseen and violently
pin em to a board to bored to follow board ordinances
military minded
cut and uniform plastic sheets
In the gut
can’t stomach it


You Done Yet?


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If all you hardies so real with it

Why the game and industry still bereft of reality?

Don’t trust you street thugs pressing passing judgement pursing acrimony on contemporary rapper drones

Every voice stapled to the industry label lambasted labia fuck us all to cunt lastly love loss music lossless

Rhyming diggers spelunking reverence revelry

Dumb little worshippers pass fake shit faceless lies and shiftless truthless

Mean men meander and meaningless manchildren rule us in incoherent ignorant false bliss

Kiss me falsely, gangsta realness not enough to press push past idolatry and indoctrines forcefully in thee

We look listen escape through fantasy and music

Speeches spread falsehoods, fictitious fabricated fallacies full o filler n faulty friendlies

Seller rappers, politicos, polisci’s and lobby hobbyists fill the field, gamut, media arena salesmanship

Real voices last unicorn, rare and fuzzy, fussy, bloody death rugged and ugly

Love this money hungry top of the world dummy fumbling cash cow currency more necessary than true feelings and inked poetry

We falter, fuck up freely, friendly, falsely towards free speech for hopeful futures

And sadness, horror, darkness lives with us effortlessly

Forcefully, friendly fire covers fully

Full of heat and hate that’s just the beat of lower rung existence

Poverty problems powerless under weak pulse society

Blue veins sprout and spread among dead lingering leaves like leaveaned lax leviathan tendrils leeching then losing us folks in political limbos and lower lies that bury us, engulf us rape us hate us

When we done

When you finished pride and pilfering

Plastic men manneq

Filling every spot on media massive, model camera lights showcase


Weapon X graphs Y chromosome


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Gun lovers


Hold pieces

A piece to gun nuts

Substitute nuts

Clock ready steady ammo full and bloody

Manly weapon cover for submen subbing dubbing loving metal gears

Shift, shaft, solid steel graft on boys toys rejoice

Stick to ruffman skin

Toughy obligatory reckless teen murder stings

Like violent orchestras masquerading marauding civil society diminished and falling

Dead men tell talls and swear to black oaths siphoning stealing life from bystander trifling puffers

Punctured lungs, smoking bodies

Death awaiting new customers while shooters line up for the live gallery

Photos, shoot, shot, red rain drops block suffering mothers pleading for safe space lots

Quiet cops complacent, corrupt, cautious of black rage erupt

All we have us limp bodies filling graves



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This inside insect skeeters, swishes
Fly be gone, be taken away
Mosquito twills around, cause anxiety
buzzed sounds surround me, jump tic heads shots teetering madly, looking every which way, madly wildly reviling dark beady buzzard hounding me, atrociously devilishly. Little demons with scabbed wings hovering around, taunting and judging soundly; my punishment for past deeds, evil deeds bring more than guilt.
The mind is guilt, gilded guilt beguiling my rotted sensations taking me further into loathing and hatred and violent endings that beg me for satiation, end that twisted knife, end this vexation of everlasting demonic presence such lashes upon me, in mine head and mind such sadist panoply. Little demons come haunt me in vile, filthy forms and buzz and choke and crawl jittery there and here.

Thither dither and wither heather fair feather friend whether weather or better. Not escaping terror and paranoiac attack these bugs bring forth and froth in/out my body; bugs stick to this, this skin slithers and itches and feels akin to wickedness and sin and ness of the Other kin. Kith kin, kol kiln, kill sin, cull men, inculcate principles to rid of insectal hauntings, wantings of washed airs and clean skin, skin clean fresh new. Nu. Still feel it, they them, knew. Silence now, but more judgement soon. Buzzards come back when I forgot my penance. Guilt is more than beads and sweat.


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Freedom of me

Freedom to not be shoved into acceptable molds

Family and peers want this want that

Let me be this version of me today

You no like but I’m tired of acting for you, vous, tu

Lemme open up and be this now and you grow up and accept shit

I’ll be moi me, you be vous side eyes peering judgeless

This me now me let me be ribcage free and heavyless me

Kamikaze (Influence)


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Blackdog, redbone, blonde stick

Faithless dick smothers, elates self religiously

Sinner me sun for shadow rappers pointing at puppets on old Greeks’ walls

Olive oyl bitches hollering bloody throats for relevance

They make a name in thorny rose jabs and poisoned thorn tweets

Little ornery birds cackling shallow

Marshmallow babes babbling bars wasting oxygen so long they’re getting brain damaged

Unlike me they ain’t making fucked up into record sales, musical oil wells ejaculatjng on top charts

Poptarts and tequila shots

Unbalanced starters taking career dives towards TMZ sluts

Went from deez nuts to defensive lyrics against Mr. Rogers nazis and soft cucks

Any point left spitting sulphur on DOA rappists

Heavy Traffic


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Horns explode out

Honking world loudness exclaiming wherever

Loud violent, virulent world not shutting it

Close your lips for once

Large bone-burning machines lunge linger forward draggedly, haggardly

Gaseous monstrosities flourish black and gray plumage strewn hither then dither choke my sense

Plague these streets with commotion, with unctuous gross drivel

Calamity cantankerous slurping tanks hungering for the sweet crudes

Chops licking sticky salivating machine feedings

Choke your life


Smoky acrid wastes squirming gushing downwards

Fugue states of fuel snakes worming way down esophagus

Vomiting really

Cash crop omits the venereal poisoning

Sicker me sicker us

Sicker sadder fumagated humans