Ramblings leave this body


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This lateral focus is reminiscent of Sophists
Rotund and wide-eyed like statuary of Botticellis
I miss the beauty and all I see is bellies
Raise in the modern society of North American beauty messaging
We learn of right shapes and angles
Ratios of skin to fat cells
Hips to thighs to body mass indices
Skinny entices but pleasure fits so nicely
Rather feel good inc. than boney m abs cess

Imma make the same mistake as Roman legions
Stuck in killer mode taking life and robbing breathing
Can’t escape the board that games us continuously
We’re all trapped in violent offender place cards
Merchants of death role-playing a replay
Have to say these warnings and rap cuffs
Cause we just shook and stuck in the runaway from the soft
The label that attaches and listeners fall for that messaging
Being male is lying and denying universal feelings

~ Am I the messenger of darkness and evil
Bag fulls of indiscriminate devilish playfuls
Djinns of menace and garbled curses
Worthless, absurdist, observant servant faithful
Get out of line so they lined up the whippers
Cracks in my skin, do they look painful
Stone edges on outside but rubble in me, pain me
Save me from Greek tragedy and mourn mouthfuls
Speak with crumbs on tongues and we just got done scraping

We stuck in a hustle and begging up from the gutter
It’s dirt everywhere so we’re all covered in one another
I can’t escape the raff and clutter
But I can’t leave any similar sufferers
That morals of soul we cling to among the scums
They try to steal us and kill our stances
Laurels like canyons we raise up the mission
Testing the poison but we digress chemically

Breaking so much bread continually, sporadically
Who isn’t sick of the alpha man doing everything atlas shrugged singularly
We ain’t men we people like same same hearts and beats
I feel a spirit that keeps me awake
Keeps me alift in dires and confusion
Drift me away to sanctuary and seclusion
Think it’s better alone but that’s nonsense protruding
Cap it quickly
Resize the bumpies
Still lost and dazed in temporary illusion
Is us hologram
Is us manipulated reflection
Why are dimensions so complex and mirrors elusive
Rapt in bundles that tarnish the cosmos
Miniature flecks yelling we are here now
Spot on a flower drifting among space dust

— What am I saying
What is drunken splurge goop
Writings and typings of single sanity aloof
Tried to catch my stability but went long and far off
Held large hand out to grab it and felt swish of air current clapback
Maybe all this is air just calling out in stereo
Me and my mono clash against the waves and the pingback
We’re all just signals interlacing and transmitting



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Haha really?! Having some drinks and trying to get through being and nothingness and a dollar falls out of my easy chair. Then I look in the seat and another Loonie is there. I don’t think I’ve found money in the couch since it was a common joke on 90s tv. Just a reminder to laugh shit off and enjoy the random of Life.


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 melancholy boyscout

Sick with sickle sliced symphony 

Deep intrusion heart pump surgery 

Make me beat

Skip the bars, seek heat

Atrium cavernous, slumbering chambers beat and speak

Jump up the gullet so I can speak with full emotion

Slave to the poetry wirh heart in mouth

Watching “People Watching”


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Tremendously sincere and uncomfortably honest animated videos.

Looking at attractive people online and interacting with quick flirts and cam models or whatever is easier than going out and trying to share a moment with some person when maybe the majority of others out there have little to no interest in you or any form of relationship. The people who may like you get missed or ignored because you think they think less of you or are being nice in that condescending way, aren’t I precious and innocent kind of thing. The blind trial and error is a little too abrasive for those seeking emotional connectivity and closeness.  Often you’re trying with the wrong people or become the annoying single bothering those who already have friends or more attractive prospects. You think you’re nice but maybe you’re invading personal space or expecting the other to bend to your whim. Your loneliness is not safe from critique and you got blind to the nicer folk two chairs down. Maybe it’s all self-fulfilling prophecy or you’ve become too in between wanting more from less and not wanting nothing from nobody. Where do we procure balance?

Impersonation of Neko Case


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Your breath makes me silent in deadly embrace
The body in front just laughs at the rest
I’m cold from the tremble I hear from soft voices
Man’s faith has crashed to the rough

|Pick us up from the ashes
We work for the warmth
Alive for a moment
Then dwell in the dirt|

The inkstains of poets and contract decree
Promises a love and match to our creed
The rough turned us sideways we see just the half
The ones who think and look just like us
A gate then a fence to part a red scene
I can accept you so why can’t you accept me

|Pick us up from the ashes
We work for the warmth
Alive for a moment
Then dwell in the dirt|

I fell in a world that tempts loss and misery
Awake in a globe in midsummer’s dream
The sleeping eyes were sealed dreamily
And they wake up cold when their love was taken

|Pick us up from the ashes
We work for the warmth
Alive for a moment
Then dwell in the dirt
We tread with worn shoes from another one’s mile
Call out alarms so us becomes life|


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There’s squiggles that deep blue in puddles

Tadpoles wormy among the reeds

Bottlecaps thus hidden truffles 

As soil erodes and feeds

Mulch with dirt behind the ears

Crumble pies of mud

Softened leaves bow and gent 

And drip such pleasant eves

Whence creatures jamble spree

Dance with songs and dance with ease

The dewy feet flap away 

Autumn airs whistle breeze 

Distinction in Symbolism


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Flat land, terse field flashing bright white from the sun. Tense fingers gnarl and grip at the wood, melding pink and hot white with dark brown sturdiness. A podium, holding strong and standing there aloof and unimpressed by sweaty palmed orators clasping at its reassuring hide, sinking into nervous pat and scratches while begging their mouth not to stammer and flux. A cold organ giving life and civility to the marshy-mouthed speaker doling out platitudes and officialdom. Booming words slice through its skin and exiting with nothing but dead vibrations; nothing stirred nor roused, no satisfaction just duty of the camouflage, role as prop. Whether gavel or microphone, its skin is used to cover those behind in respectability, in a glamour that speaks without words, without its self. A podium announces. Listen to their speech.

Miss Perfect with the Freckles


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She’s A plus Courtney
Right with all the answers
Doesn’t cause trouble but grinds your buttons
Hands always raised for selfie praise

That Courtney
Some good girl
She’s always right
You know the type she’s everywhere
She’s like Topanga without the flare
I met her world and didn’t care for it

She has that air
Turned up her nose
At every boy who didn’t fit a block
So self-satisfied so pop rock
There’s one in that school and this one too
She’s carbon copied but independently

That Courtney
Some good girl
Who says she’s right
You know the type she’s everywhere
She’s like Topanga without the flare
I met her world and didn’t care for her



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Separate sovereign statelies divvied up the races. Genetical stocks bonded together in structural integrals. Society has fragmented so nation becomes open-face lands with interwoven tentacles. Elder ones wrap round citizens to keep order discipline, tight tight rings and cuffs.

The people of colors ordered and organizized by role and ritual. Progression of ’84 and new worlds beckoned, lines in sand beside the footprints. We walk together, brethren sisterly commandos accentuated by darkened skin. 

That revolution happened, numbers fell after scorched earth turned 2020. We saw hindsight and laughed sardonically, murmured nervously, addictively attached to satire with ennui. On us, sabotage and dry days and then comes the burgeoning life race. They came us, we at them, necks to throats, skin to guns and sense lost. 

Skin abandoned for Reason, arrived after bloodshed and red red red was all we saw;  red ded faces and bodies strewn about mangling streets that gagged and choked on gore and fear, limbed refuse littered burnt asphalt. Red Ded 2KX.

Blacks, browns, the Beigian nation came forward and round, tabled the chairs and made systems to hold and bound, that soon turn to throttles and choking chains, the wild in us barks loudest when held. New breath of society born from incivility.  Taken out of stomping yells with mad mad fools dropping plates past eggshells, fires and smashers collect and swell, we took that agony and made it heal, made us whole and remade the world.

So newness came and shuffled toward Bethlehem. Babels and skyscrapers downed and replaced. Communes and greened buildings in alotted spaces, markets set up to avoid distance, avoid the trammelling of large groups of humans. Settlements and numbers recorded for austerity. Tasks and checks for fair distribution, decided by those who lead certain factions. Mark off an area 3K to a territory, 6K to a division. Word of our time, division.