Listening to Bush


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Perception is beautiful in fleeting lies. The pretty face halved with ghoulish hiding. Vanity strides ahead of emaciated visions, visages. Medusa hair etched into fair side beauty queen. Green and sickly smell of self-esteem, reek of media dreams, fashion,  fame, glitter green. Green and greed and creams with clean.  Outside clean and freshly.


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We like and are too busy with unimportant tangentials to focus on this generational devolution of the species.  Easier to separate into selfish tribes than evolve into co-operative communities.  
Primal protectionism and reality show politics is the waters we are sailing, honed by partisan polemics and puffy geriatric demagogues.  We moonwalk into curses and oblivion.  Happy time!!!


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Anything can be made real 

Human fear of imagine, transition,  spooky ghost light phantasm.

My paranoia drunken jew Allen thoughts turned proper parable real.

Scared that I forgot what was live and what was dream. 

Sabretooth Hyde taking over and I ‘m like it so thriller.

Bombastic sinnery and me self so deathly sinful 

Loverly painful, darkness embraceful

Change the pieces and give in to vengeance

Anger rising, peaceful, enthralling, fuck them pussyclots. Wanna rage,  crush, fuck a kill no regrets.

Demonseed no reject. Accept the beast cuz so fun yeah. 

Inner me too hard too exorcise. Try each year and accept the lapse. Too much stress for dickless anger bang